What Does a Boot Scan Do?

A boot scan, also referred to as pre-boot scan or shoe scan, virus scanner is a powerful tool that is used by antimalware software to identify and eliminate malware that might not be detected by traditional scanning tools. This type of scan is able to run at regular intervals or be invoked manually by the user when they believe their computer is infected. A lot of antivirus programs allow users to choose the sensitivity level of the boot scan, as well as what actions should be taken when a threat is identified.

A boot scan can be effective because it lets an antimalware program to detect files in use by the OS. These files are not in a position to be deleted can you play switch on laptop since they are continuously accessed by the OS. They will display an Access Denied message when you attempt to remove them. The boot scan will identify these files and permit antivirus software to erase them before the OS is able to start using them.

The duration of a scan during boot will vary depending on several aspects, including the speed of the scan and the number of system files that are being scrutinized. It also depends on whether the machine is in use during the scanning process. This type of scan might take much longer than a standard antivirus scan due to the thoroughness of the process.

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