Tips for Board Meeting Preparation

Board meetings are essential for making strategic decisions, setting corporate policies, and more. However, these meetings are often boring and filled with routine issues which can take a long time to prepare for. Although it might seem like the tedious task of preparing for the board meeting is just another burden for business, well-prepared directors can leave a positive impression upon their fellow board members, which goes beyond the surface.

Start planning board meetings by creating a draft agenda that includes the time for each item to be discussed. It is helpful to create the agenda with a set number of hours in mind in order to have enough time to discuss each topic and leave room for questions.

When the agenda is completed then send it to board members so that they can begin to prepare. At minimum, a few days prior to the meeting, you should send out the agenda to board members. For boards that utilize an online portal for board meetings it is as simple as clicking a button to collect and send out all of the necessary documents required for an upcoming meeting.

It is essential to determine how formal or informal your board wants its meetings to be. this will have an influence on the way you conduct your meetings and the manner in which you address other board members. Some boards, for example employ Robert’s Rules of Order which is an official system that requires the use of “Mr.” and “Madam”. Whatever method you choose to implement, it helps to know the rules to ensure that you do not get caught off guard when you attend your first meeting.

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