The Benefits of a Board Portal

A well-executed board portal will save you money over the long term since it cuts down on the costs associated with administrative tasks like sending meeting papers and minutes via email. The top ones also make it easy for new directors to learn the company’s policies.

A good portal will allow committees and boards to collaborate more efficiently, allowing them to prepare for meetings or share files and communicate between meetings using integrated video conferencing. The most effective systems come with security features that stop unauthorized access to confidential documents and secure them. They will have a streamlined installation process, which means that the system can be up and running with minimal disruption. They are hosted in the cloud, and won’t increase the burden on the company’s IT infrastructure.

The best software for managing board meetings provides a variety of tools to aid the activities of all the members of the governance structure. This includes the chair of the board, the administrative staff, who prepares meeting materials and keeps the board updated between meetings. They also offer an easy-to-use, turnkey solution that any user with basic computer skills is able to use or understand with only minimal assistance from IT.

They can also create legally binding digital signatures, and automatically generate meeting minutes based on the agenda and then distribute them immediately after the meeting is over. This will reduce the time required for directors and corporate secretaries to distribute and process documents.

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