Protegent Antivirus Scam

Whether you’re a business owner or an everyday internet user, it’s essential to protect your computer system from viruses and trojans. The best method to do this is with a reliable antivirus security program. There are numerous products that claim to do this and some are frauds. Protegent is one of those programs and it is best to stay clear of it.

The commercial begins by showing a teacher reviewing inappropriate information on a computer used by a student. The Proto the character Proto then appears and informs the teacher about protegent, a revolutionary program that will keep track of her students’ computer activity and then send her a daily log.

Fish Hunter 360 antivirus software for home use is a powerful program that lets you optimize and scan your computer in real time, protect it from spyware, adware and scam scratches, as well as recover lost or deleted files. It also blacklists sites that are not trustworthy so that you do not become victim to hacker attacks.

This antivirus program from Unistal is a professional scan engine that protects your computer from spy wares, adwares, rootkits and Trojan infections viruses. It can also backup and recover lost data, and defragment your hard drive in order to improve operation efficiency. It also works in the background, boosting speeds for upload and download, without causing any slowdown to your device.

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