How to Organize the Complex Working Environment

A tidy, well-organized workspace is the key to productivity. If your office is messy filled with papers and cables dangling around and coffee spilled everywhere this can affect your ability to focus. Help others organize their workspace by using your leadership skills. For instance, your ability to speak calmly and clearly can be beneficial in defining the responsibilities of employees. Your ability to motivate employees may be useful in framing the work they do in ways that speak to their needs and desires.

You can also utilize your leadership skills to develop a culture of collaboration and support. If employees feel a positive relationship with their boss, it is more likely they will ask for feedback on their performance or inquire about their job. They can then make adjustments in their approach or behavior to their work when needed.

Many companies are developing new methods of organising to improve their ability to adapt faster in the current climate of change being fast and unpredictable. 85percent of business leaders believe their company needs to adopt more agile management practices like matrix organizational structures that allow for open communication between teams, and to avoid being caught up in stakeholder reviews or approved by the stakeholders.

Implementing clear processes for running your business is a great method to manage the changing flexible working environments. For instance, if you establish 5S processes such as sort or set in order and shine, as well as standardize and maintain, your workplace will be more productive.

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