How to Host a Successful Board Meeting

A board meeting can be a enjoyable and productive experience. It’s not easy to run an effective meeting. As chairperson, it is your responsibility to ensure that the meeting is successful and that everyone is actively involved. A decision that is not on the right track can be costly for your organization particularly if they affect the rest.

Begin with a detailed agenda that’s given to board members ahead of the meeting. Make sure you provide an description of the purpose behind every item on the agenda: Is it to inform, collect information, or come to an agreement? Understanding the purpose behind each issue will help you manage your time better and avoid getting distracted.

Take care to address any old business items that need a vote and are ready to be approved before proceeding to new business items. Be careful not to allow these items to consume the majority of your meeting time as you’ll need to give each issue the attention it deserves. Consider putting old items on the next agenda or requesting for a report to be discussed at a later time in the event that you feel your board is spending excessive time on these items.

If your have a peek at this website board meetings are online Encourage participation by allowing participants to raise their hand when it’s their turn speak. This will help the chair of the board to recognize everyone and keep discussion on track. Ask everyone to turn off their microphones when not speaking. This will help to keep away distractions like children or pets. Schedule your online meetings away from meal times so that no one eats on cameras.

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