How to Create Cybersecurity Board Reports With UpGuard

It is crucial to present your findings in a manner that is easy to understand and informative when you write a cyber-security report for your pentest or vulnerability assessment. If you’re writing for an executive meeting, a board review, or another internal audience, your report should be clearly written, concisely organized, and visually appealing. This cheat sheet gives tips on how to craft reports that are both informative and easy to read.

CISOs are responsible for communicating threats and vulnerabilities to the stakeholders with different levels of technical proficiency but knowing the extent of your findings isn’t enough in order to be effective. Your client isn’t paying you to show off your expertise, but to inform them about the issues you’ve identified and how it can be remedied or prevented from occurring again in the future.

Create a report on cybersecurity that focuses on the issues that are most important to your audience. Use the Docs feature of ClickUp to identify which trends and metrics are most relevant to your target audience and write a concise report.

A high-quality cybersecurity report can provide your company with the confidence to address risk in a proactive manner and ensure its success. It’s not just about identifying dangers; it’s also about showing how your efforts are advancing in time to demonstrate long-term value. With UpGuard the ability to create a board report that is optimized to meet the primary reporting needs of your executive leadership team is just one click away. It can be immediately exported as editable PowerPoint slides to save more time (and stress). Find out more about how you can effectively create and present your cybersecurity board report today.

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