Board Meeting Tips – How to Get the Most Out of Your Meetings

Your board of directors is crucial to the success of your community. Making the most of your board meetings begins by preparing and planning. Here are some essential tips for a more productive board meeting:

Send out the agenda before the meeting. This gives board members the chance to read the material in advance and ask any questions, as well as prepare themselves for the discussion.

You might want to consider holding your board meetings in a setting that is public like the local library or a conference room at a local business. This will minimize distractions like ringing phones, children and family pets that can disrupt the flow of discussions.

It is important to assign a person with taking detailed minutes during the meeting. This will ensure important decisions are documented, and that the board can keep a record of the discussion.

Limit the amount of time allotted to each item on the agenda to ensure that the meeting is kept moving and avoid tangents. If you feel that the agenda item has gone on for too long, you can agree to transfer it to a “parking lot” to discuss later, so that the primary issues remain on the table.

Define the process of making decisions during the meeting. This will allow all attendees to comprehend the discussion and to participate, whether through consensus or voting.

Encourage the participation of C-level officers to offer their expertise during the meeting. This will allow the board to hear directly from people who are the closest to the action and are best equipped to provide advice.

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