Best Free VPN Providers

A VPN can be a fantastic way to guard your privacy, and you don’t always have to pay. This list of free VPN providers reveals which provide the most reliable service without compromising on quality or selling your data to advertisers. This list offers a wide choice of options, whether you are looking for a speedy connection, a massive network of servers, or an easy to use app.

PrivadoVPN is our overall winner for several reasons, but there are several other options that are worth a look on this list. Windscribe is a solid choice for users who want a lightweight and powerful tool as well as Proton VPN Free offers high-end security and speed while putting no limitations on your data. TunnelBear is a strong competitor. The mobile and desktop apps are instantly recognizable due to its bear symbol, and the service is extremely simple to use. It’s not as large selection of locations as our top two choices, however it comes with a huge monthly limit of 10GB and no ads that can distract you.

Atlas VPN is a solid alternative with a limited number of servers spread across the world. It also has decent speeds. It’s worth noting that it keeps logs on the free version, however it’s recommended for those who use it for basic browsing and messaging. PIA is another option for those who want lots of additional features and the ability to modify their encryption, ports used and DNS settings. It has a kill button, leak protection, and an ad-blocker and is located in Malaysia. This implies that it has one the most robust privacy policies.

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